photo: georgia hubley

The Forewords are a musicless band that uses short lectures and slideshows to present unusual and entertaining revelations lurking within the everyday. Show us a few square miles of North America and we'll show you some weird storylines hidden in plain sight, whether it's unpersuasively repurposed retail husks, the underappreciated world of trade magazines, or the design history of butchery charts.

Liz Clayton (voice, words, pictures) and Paul Lukas (voice, words, pictures) have been road-tripping together from Toledo to Delaware since 1995, with the occasional performance thrown in — but the Forewords represents our first official creative partnership. At the risk of overstating the not-so-obvious, we respectfully ask that you note the proper spelling of our name: like this, please, not like this.

Should you wish to engage the Forewords to contribute levity and oddly compelling information to your next concert, fraternity party, or bris, kindly contact us.